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It would be impossible to list all the books and magazines dealing with age and ageing, plus all the material now available on-line.  Instead, we have listed some good introductory publications, both general and more academic, and some reviews of more recent material which have appeared in plus or other journals.

Crying in the Wilderness, Giving Voice to Older People in the Church
Graham Hawley & Albert Jewell, MHA Care Group, Derby, 2009    ISBN 1-902452-15-1

The Cambridge Handbook of Age & Ageing
Ed. Malcolm L Johnson, Cambridge University Press, 2005    ISBN 0-521-53370-8

Wholeness in Later Life
Ruth Bright,  Jessica Kingsley Publications 1997      ISBN 1-85302-447-3

To grow in love – A spirituality of Ageing
Brian Grogan SJ,  Messenger Publications Ireland      ISBN 978-1-872245-775

Winter Grace Spirituality and Ageing
Kathleen Fischer,  Upper Room Books (1998)    ISBN 0-8358-0850-5

Searching for Serenity – Spirituality in Later Life
Jim McManus CSSR and Stephanie Thornton    ISBN 978-0-85231-380-0

Still Here – Embracing Ageing, Changing and Dying
Ram Dass (2000, New York),   Riverhead Books    ISBN 1-57322-871-0

Toward Holy Ground – Spiritual Direction in the second half of life 1996
Margaret  Guenther,  Darton, Longman & Todd, London    ISBN 978-1-56101-114-8

Older people and the Church
Ian Knox,  T&T Publishers (2002)   ISBN 0-567-08882-O-B

Ageing, disability and spirituality – Addressing the challenge of disability in later life
Elizabeth Mackinlay,   Jessica Kingsley Publications  (2008)   ISBN 978-1-84310-584-8

Palliative care, ageing and spirituality
Elizabeth Mackinlay,  Jessica Kingsley Publications (2008)   ISBN 978-1-84905-290-0

The gift of years
Joan Chittister,    Darton Longman and Todd (2008)   ISBN 978-0-23252-7506

If you would like to consult a bibliography of material on more specific topics, please follow the links below:



We hope that you will help create a bigger bibliography from your own experience.  Let us know about books or articles you have found helpful and they will be considered for addition to these pages.   This will allow us to construct a wide-ranging selection of specific topics.

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