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There are more and more books available dealing with spirituality as a credible concept, in secular terms as well as religious, and spiritual care as a practical option within health and social services.  The following is a short list of those which attempt to speak to those involved in the provision of care.  Although some approach the subject from the religious perspective, all take into account the nature of our diverse society and acknowledge the underlying principles of spirituality as an expression of being human.  Books and texts approaching the subject from a specifically religious perspective are numerous and easily accessible.  The books listed below all contain references for further study and links to useful resources.

Ageing, Spirituality & Well-being Albert Jewell, Ed,   Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2004,   ISBN 1-84310-167-X

Explores how having a purpose in life and continual spiritual growth are vital elements in the well-being of older people.

Aging and Spirituality David O Moberg, Ed,   The Haworth Pastoral Press, New York, 2001,   ISBN 0-7890-0939-0

A comprehensive guide to theory, research and practical aspects of broad spirituality.

Contemporary Spiritualities, Social and Religious Contexts Ed. Erricker and Erricker,   Continuum, London, 2001,   ISBN (PB) 0 8264 4948 4

An innovative study suggesting that the spiritual is a motivating force in relation to social change and human relationships.

Culture, Religion & Patient Care in a Multi-Ethnic Society Henley and Schott,   Age Concern England, London, 1999,   ISBN 0 86242 231 0

A practical resource helping to identify individual needs offering practical approaches to adapting care.

Humanism, An Introduction Jim Herrick,   Rationalist Press Association, UK, 2003,   ISBN 0-301-00301-7

Humanist approaches to values and meaning in life, including what is called spiritual.

Is Nothing Sacred? Ben Rogers, Ed,   Routledge, London and New York, 2004,   ISBN 0-415-30484-9

Is it still meaningful to talk of things being sacred or is the idea a relic of a bygone religious age? 

Making Sense of Spirituality in Nursing & Health Care Practice Wilfred McSherry,   Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2006,  ISBN 1-84310-365-6

An accessible and comprehensive introduction to spiritual care and assessment for health care professionals in all areas of practice

Pioneering The Third Age: The Church in an ageing population Rob Merchant,   Paternoster Press, UK, 2003,   ISBN 1-84227-177-6

Examines current and future issues facing older people and the church from a gerontological, theological and practical perspective.

Reflections on Spirituality & Health Stephen G Wright,   Whurr Publishing, London, 2005,   ISBN 1-86156-468-6

Is spirituality of any relevance to the work of carers?  How do we address the spiritual needs of staff? Some interesting new approaches.

Religions in the UK, Directory Multi-FaithCentreUniversity of Derby,   ISBN 0 901437 96 4

A comprehensive introduction to every aspect of religious activity at both local and national levels.

Religion & Spirituality Bernard Moss, Russell House Publishing,   ISBN 1 903855 57 8

An excellent outline of the ways in which social work can and should include spiritual need in its training and practice.

Religion, Spirituality & Older People Kenneth Howse,   Centre for Policy on Ageing, London, 1999,   ISBN 0 9041 3993 X

A significant research project building on developments in the US with practical conclusions for UK.

Religion, Spirituality & Ageing: A Social Work Perspective HR Moody, Ed,   Haworth Press Inc, New York, 2005,   ISBN 0-7890-2499-3

Research and practice in a variety of social work settings.

Spirituality & Social Care Ed. Mary Nash and Bruce Stewart,   Jessica Kingsley Publications,   ISBN1 84310 024 X

Guidance and examples of practice enabling workers to explore and develop the role of spiritual awareness in their work.

Secular Lives, Sacred Hearts: The role of the Church in a time of no religion Alan Billings,   S.P.C.K, London, 2004,   ISBN 0-281-05704-4

The experience of an Anglican priest who has worked in the inner city and in a rural area.

Something There, The Biology of the Human Spirit David Hay,   Darton Longman & Todd, London, 2006,   ISBN 0–232–52637-0

Research supporting the view that spirituality is hard-wired into our biological make-up and evolves through natural selection because it has survival value

Spirituality & Ageing Albert Jewell, Ed,   Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 1999,   ISBN 1-85302-631-X

A resource for carers looking for a holistic and more reflective approach in their work with older people.

Spiritual Growth & Care in the Fourth Age of Life Elizabeth McKinley,   Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2006   ISBN 1-84310-231-5

Provides tools for assessing the spiritual needs of older people and guidelines on how to facilitate spiritual reminiscence and transcendence, and how to support frail older people in the dying process.

Spiritual Dimension of Ageing, The Elizabeth MacKinlay,   Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2001,   ISBN 1-84310-008-8

What gives a frail and isolated or institutionalised older person a sense of wholeness and self?  What makes later life meaningful?

Spirituality & the Secular Quest Peter H Van Ness, Ed,   SCM Press, London, 1996,   ISBN 0-334-02655-5

A survey and history of every approach to the spiritual from earliest European philosophy to modern movements.

Talking about Spirituality in Health Care Practice Gillian White,   Jessica Kingsley Publishers, London, 2006,    ISBN 1-84310-305-2

Guidelines for multi-professional health care teams to explore the relevance of spirituality and to integrate it into their work.

What’s It All About? Philosophy and the Meaning of Life Julian Baggini,   Granta Books, 2004,   ISBN 1 86207 661 8

A cheerful, easy-to-read and even-handed exploration of meaning and purpose from a secular philosophical position.

Spirituality and End of Life Care Peter Gilbert, Pavilion Publishing (Brighton) Ltd, 2013

A comprehensive exploration for professionals of every discipline

Spirituality, Values & Mental Health: Jewels for the Journey Swinton (Author), Gilbert, Coyte, Nicholls (Eds),   Jessica Kingsley, 2007

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