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A small organisation like Christians on Ageing cannot provide guidance and advice on more than a selected range of topics, usually related to current issues about ageing or those which have a direct connection with our membership.  You will find short articles about some of these topics in the section Timely Topics.

The list of other sites listed here is neither comprehensive (the subject is too big for that) nor recommended by Christians on Ageing but you might find it a useful starter in your search for more information.  No responsibility can be taken for the content of other sites although every care has been taken to review them on a regular basis and to ensure that nothing is said or suggested which might cause offence or be inappropriate, especially in matters of Christian belief and practice.

It starts with the main Christian Churches and includes some of the voluntary organisations and government agencies which have a national presence.

We hope to build a bigger picture with your help.  Let us know of sites which you have found helpful and we will consider adding them to this list.

The Christian Churches                        The Church of England                                         The Methodist Church                                            The United Reformed Church                        The Salvation Army                   The Church of Scotland                                      The Baptist Church                        The Congregational Church                                             The Assemblies of God                                       The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)                               The Roman Catholic Church/England & Wales                                  The Roman Catholic Church/Scotland


Christian Representative Bodies                          Churches Together in England                                             Churches Together in Britain                                 Churches Together in Scotland                                          Churches Together in Wales                       Black & Multi-cultural Churches   Faith in Older People                                                        Faith in Elderly People, Leeds              Growing Old Grace-fully


National Support Organisations                 Liberty                                                        Society of St Vincent de Paul (SVP)                                              Caritas Social Action National                               For ex-Service personnel                                           For stroke victims and carers                                  Parkinson’s Disease                  For those hard of hearing                     For those with arthritis                                                 For those with osteoporosis                                                For foot problems               For those with cancer               For those with visual impairment                                           Visual impairment/Christian resources                                                Consumer research for older people                                 Citizens’ Advice Bureaux                                      LGBT information and support                                               Support for gay and lesbian Christians                              The Outlook Trust     Together for the Common Good                        Which? new elderly care advice service            Older People’s Day 1 October


GENERAL AGEING                                           Age UK                            Centre for Ageing Better                     Grandparents


ADDRESSING LONELINESS             Campaign to End Loneliness                                           Men


BEREAVEMENT                                             Bereavement Charity


DEMENTIA                                   Alzheimer’s Disease


CARERS                              For people caring at a distance                        An alternative site for carers                                             Carers Association


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