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Being older is first and foremost: being an older woman or man.  We are people with hopes and fears, loves and hates, friends and enemies, things to do and things to avoid, times of sickness and times of health: we are human.  Being human brings with it the ability to give as much or as little to the world around us as we wish, and the need from time to time to seek and to receive help and support from others around us.

In this part of our website you will find reflections on some of the facts of being older and on some of the demands being older can make on ourselves and on others.  These include:

  • demographics
  • changes in the structures of relationships
  • financial resources
  • gender
  • ethnicity
  • social models of health
  • being an older Christian

Use the links on this page to discover more.  We will also be inviting you to contribute to our discussions and to the general public debate about ageing issues through access to our social media connections.

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