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Choosing a Christian Care Home

There are a number of Residential Care Homes for Older People with a specifically Christian ethos.  It may be helpful if you are choosing a Care Home of this type to ask questions like these to ascertain exactly what facilities are provided:

  • Is there a chaplain who is either resident or visits the Home?
  • Can my own minister visit me as well if I wish?
  • Are there any formal worship/services within the Home which anyone can attend?
  • Does the Home have a policy on end of life care and if so may I see it?
  • I would like my funeral to be held here or for staff to come to my funeral if elsewhere – can that happen?
  • If there are no services held in the home can I be taken to the local Church?
  • Is there a chapel or quiet room where I can go to pray if I wish?.
  • Many homes do not encourage residents to spend time in their room during the day but I like to spend time in prayer or reflection in my room.  Will staff respect this?
  • I like to have a crucifix on my wall – presumably that is permitted?
  • Are Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter celebrated in the Home?

Also, ask for a copy of the latest CQC inspection report – this is a public document which can also be accessed via the CQC website.  The inspection report asks if spiritual needs are catered for.

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