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Reflections and prayers from ‘plus’ magazine

A selection from our magazine 

Dementia: Am I still me?

Dedicated to Lizzie and her daughter Una

Am I still me? A useful person, Chopping onions, Cutting bread for sixty in the works canteen

Am I her mother? This woman looks No girl in school dress With her books and games In bed by nine and up at eight.

Am I her sister? One of seven, meeting Daily for our tea at four Then home for Jackie’s supper.

Am I still young? Swift time goes by in vast confusion, so Afraid to sleep, lest I won’t wake and miss tomorrow.

Am I still loved, Or even lovable? No painted lips and eyes Or smart new clothes, Only messiness and cross faces.

Yes, I am me! A person loved Wife, sister, daughter, mother, Useful because I draw From others love and usefulness, A precious strand in God’s creation.

Jennifer Brown,

Reader in the Diocese of Newcastle

(Written for The Archbishop’s Diploma for Readers 2000 on the subject of Spirituality and Dementia: with reference to my work with Dementia Care Partnership and in my capacity as a Reader)



The Ground of our Praying

Prayer is the deliberate and persevering action of the soul. It is true and enduring, and full of grace. Prayer fastens the soul to God and makes it one with his will, through the deep inward working of the Holy Spirit.

I am the ground of your praying. First, it is my will that you should have this; then I make it your will too; then I make you ask for it, and you do so. How then should you not have what you pray for?

Everything our good Lord makes us to pray for, he has ordained that we should have since before time began.

When we come to heaven, our prayers shall be waiting for us as part of our delight, with endless joyful thanks from God

Julian of Norwich



Help me not to do anything just for my sake;

Let me always be conscious of working for others;

Show me that this is where I will find you;

And when, inevitably, I am less than perfect in my endeavours,

Please forgive me.


Sue Kennedy





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