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Reflections and prayers from ‘plus’ magazine

Prayer on ‘losing’ a loved one to Alzheimer’s

They say it is a living bereavement that no one else can understand.

To ‘lose’ someone whilst they are still there.  Not to have the hard comfort of funeral rites.  It can be a cruel calling.

Help me to remember the ‘you’ that you were.  To enjoy memories that may still trigger your own fleeting recognition.

Help me to cherish the ‘you’ that is now, still special to me even when you have forgotten why.

Help me to envision the ‘you’ that will one day be, restored in the enfolding love of God,

in whom past, present and future are one, and in whom we shall then be complete.

Lord, keep me in hope and give me strength until that day.    Amen.

Albert Jewell   Editor of Christians on Ageing Dementia Newsletter


“Now Lord, you have kept your promise. With my own eyes I have seen your salvation”
Let us repeat Simeon’s thanksgiving for our own time.

Thanks for showing to us the glory of your word come alive in Jesus.

Thanks for the ability to recognise the power of his love in the world

Thanks for the opportunity to spread that love if we can but trust

Thanks for your unfailing presence which is always with us, surrounding us,

supporting us wherever we go and whatever we do

Thanks for the certainty of salvation for all who believe in you and repent of their sins

Sue Kennedy


Topsy-turvy God,

You turn the values and realities of our world upside down.

You reveal

Your power in a vulnerable small child,

Your authority in a humble servant,

And your victory in the crucifixion of a good man

Topsy-turvy God,

Your strength is in your weakness, and that weakness is your love.

How can love be

So powerful,

So life changing,

So victorious,

And yet so apparently weak and humble?

Topsy-turvy God,

You turn the values and realities of our world upside down.

Come and turn us upside down too!

Teach us to imitate our Christ

And continue his incarnation in our world today.


                                                                      Liz Styan





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