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Christians on Ageing

  • works throughout the United Kingdom
  • operates as an ecumenical, Christian organisation
  • publishes resources for individuals and local ministries
  • arranges conferences and events
  • promotes research and innovation
  • comments on current issues affecting older people

Vision and Values

Christians on Ageing  – official name Christian Council on Ageing – is a voluntary, national, ecumenical member-based organization.  It is a resource to the Churches and to other bodies and individuals concerned with the needs, especially the spiritual needs, of all older people.

Christians on Ageing believes that the spiritual needs of older people are not generally appreciated or met by the Churches, nor is the potential contribution that older people can make to the Churches being fully realised.   It recognises the contribution that the Churches have made, and continue to make, in providing care and support for older people.

Christians on Ageing complements the activities of other voluntary agencies such as Age UK and the work of central and local government in health and social care.

Christians on Ageing publishes booklets and a quarterly magazine (free to members); organises conferences; provides speakers; encourages research and the study of ageing issues; has set up networks of people engaged in specific aspects of growing older, including spiritual, mental and physical need;  and provides links to relevant organisations.


Christian Council on Ageing (CCOA), more recently styled Christians on Ageing, was established in May 1982, following a public meeting in Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre, and became a registered charity in 1984.  Founding members included Mannes Tidmarsh, a psychologist who became convinced in the 1970s that the spiritual and emotional development of people in later life were not being recognised or encouraged;  Donald Bell, a field worker with Age Concern England (now Age UK); and Paula Francomb, a social worker from Liverpool.  From the outset, Christians on Ageing was fully ecumenical and included members who had professional backgrounds relevant to ageing.  Leading figures from the major denominations were recruited as Patrons.


Membership of Christians on Ageing is open to all but if you want to have a vote at meetings of members you must be able to profess faith in Jesus Christ.  You can read all about this in our governing document as a registered charity.  If you would like to join us in our work use this link to the Applying for Membership page where you will find full details on how to apply.   Currently, there are around 250 members, including representatives of local churches

Church Support

Christians on Ageing is not an official church body but it maintains links with all the main denominations in the UK, principally through its members.  It offers help and advice to Church organisations and works with bodies such as Methodist Homes for the Aged, Faith in Older People, Churches Together, the Outlook Trust and others on matters of common interest.  It also has Patrons who are leading members of their respective denominations and whose support indicates how Christians on Ageing aims to provide a link between the Christian denominations.  The current Patrons represent the following: the Baptist Church, the Church of England, the Anglo-Caribbean Churches, the Methodist Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches, the Salvation Army and the United Reformed Church.

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