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Christian Council on Ageing (CCOA) is a registered charity governed by a constitution.  It is a membership association.  Currently, there are around two hundred members.  It has adopted the working title CHRISTIANS ON AGEING for most everyday purposes of communication, description and publicity.

How is Christians on Ageing run?

The Council is the formal name given to all the members but it is usually called Christians on Ageing or CCOA.

The day-to-day management of  Christians on Ageing is the responsibility of an Executive Committee.  This meets four times a year and is elected by all the members at least every three years.  Christians on Ageing is fortunate, also, to have Patrons and a President and Vice-Presidents.

The Executive Committee 

Gerry Burke (Chair), Wendy Cocks (Vice Chair), Jo Kennedy (Honorary Secretary), Sr Maureen Murphy (Honorary Treasurer),  Revd Dr Margaret Goodall, Revd Gaynor Hammond, Revd Dr Albert Jewell (Secretary, Dementia Network), and Revd Dr John Lansley (Editor plus magazine).  There are currently two vacancies.

The Executive Committee appoints sub-committees and special task groups.  Currently, there is an Implementation Group, which makes recommendations about the programme of development agreed by the Council in 2011.

Who are the Patrons?

The Patrons are leaders of the Christian Churches who have kindly agreed to support the work of Christians on Ageing.  They do not take part in the day-to-day management of the organisation but are kept informed of  activities and developments.  The current Patrons are:

Revd Esme Beswick   (Anglo-Caribbean Churches)

Revd Lynn Green   (The Baptist Union)

Cardinal Vincent Nichols   (Archbishop of Westminster, Roman Catholic)

Rt Revd Alan Smith   (Bishop of St Albans, Church of England)

Revd John Proctor  (United Reformed Church)

Revd Gareth Powell   (The Methodist Church)

Mrs Elaine Cobb   (The Salvation Army)

Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh   (Russian Orthodox Church)

The President

Mrs Elizabeth Harbottle


Mr Tony Flynn

Revd Graham Hawley

The titles President and Vice-President are offered to members or supporters who have made a significant contribution to the life and work of the organisation.   Elizabeth Harbottle was a foundation member of the charity and has held a variety of offices during her long association with the organisation.  Tony Flynn was Chair of the Finance sub-committee and a member of the Executive Committee for many years until 2016.  Graham Hawley was Book Review editor of plus magazine and a member of the Executive Committee until 2016.

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